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Entry #3

A Culture That'll Eat Its Own Insides

2016-10-14 01:59:31 by SerPounce

Yo I'm back kinda,

More to come soon.

What's up?


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2016-12-24 23:14:39

Rather depressed, possibly ill, I guess if there aren't any more surprises this year, I'll have something to look forward to. Ah the vagaries of a vague life lol

SerPounce responds:

Ah man I'm sorry to hear that, how did your Christmas go though? Any plans or did ya stay inside for a quiet time?


2016-12-29 03:12:36

Very quiet, my sister didn't even call on Xmas when she said she would, likely due to her extended family, or the nasty quakes that have been rolling thru the Sierra Nevada lately. Hope it gets quiet again


2017-05-02 05:12:22

Anyway I'm still just as batty and maladjusted, just try not to cause a hash of things, how you?

SerPounce responds:

Oh man stuff's been insane, I'm working as a waiter now & my social life has been pretty packed, hopefully gonna be buying a car soon, but I'm also just as batty and maladjusted as ever. It's been a fun time though, still working on music a bunch! You ever wind up getting any more cats?


2017-05-10 17:07:48

Last week I told someone here I was pessimistic and maladjusted. I guess I lost a few cats, one recently had his face spoiled, lost an eye to something, but they're self replicating. Glad you still got the heart for building tunes, think I need to find some good speakers, this 80's boom box aint cutting it

SerPounce responds:

Aw yea man shit happens ya know, my cats are also all outdoor cats & a couple of them are getting pretty ratty nowadays. I don't think I'll ever lose the heart for building tunes, my pal & I are starting up a band so hopefully I'll be posting stuff here again soon! I recommend just buying a bass amp to use as a speaker, a used one going for about $70-80 would probably be enough to get all the volume you could ever want, also being able to mess with the equalizer on a speaker/amp is always great.


2017-05-14 03:10:46

Friskies dry kibble seems to keep my cats up, any cheaper than that and they're upchucking, the eye on the one little guy opened, seemed to be ok so far. I could do a bass, but I'm not happy w/ two fixed speakers on a milk crate, either way it's something that'll take some time to research. So whatchoo end up doing after work, other than occasional gaming, bathing, eating/cooking/cleaning, sleeping?

SerPounce responds:

Oh man I go with Friskies too! Basses are pretty affordable actually, I recommend just getting a used bass that doesn't buzz & also getting a $50-100 bass amp, which you could also use as one hell of a speaker too for whatever else you want. After work I actually work on music or draw a lot, despite working 12 hour shifts nowadays. Alongside that I might smoke and/or drink while listening to something like a podcast or a radio show or somethin. I'll go for a walk or a bike ride pretty often when I need to clear my head, might pet some neighborhood strays or whatever, y'know. My days off are packed with dumb misadventures tho.


2017-05-16 20:46:00

Hey man, all of that sounds idyllic, except the cats being somewhat tatty. I haven't felt like that since the early 90's, when my cheap shit job actually paid enough for wheels, food and just enough to save for future endeavors. Could've cared less about the 'color of my parachute', but the strength of my umbrella... which went from deflecting mild amounts of diarrhea, to constant shit-storms, as the fallacy of our economy's administration became more profitable for the few.

*sigh, missed out on a great video card from a guy I know from GTA:O, guess I really don't need it anyway, it's the richness of sound I miss. The religion of tunes, may go down just as well in a trailer or mud hole, but damn, I want that cathedral mainstream tone yo, need snakes and undulations, tongue speakings and Christ cracker cannibalisms. Meh, even the new flac files pale in comparison to mp3's recorded from vinyls, the OG of parchment players

SerPounce responds:

Eh it's less idyllic than you'd expect but yeah I try not to take anything for granted these days, I'm at least smart enough to try to take pleasure in everything I can. Still workin' towards getting a car but it's looking like it's gonna take a bit more time bc of shit like first time fees and other red tape bullshit. I'm seriously considering just saving enough money to jump town somewhere else instead, a bit foggy on what a good amount would be though.

Audio gear is always such a struggle, if you want high quality sound you usually really need to invest the extra cash, but if a band's mixing is bad or if an old album isn't available in a remixed/remastered edition, it's usually gonna sound pretty lo-fi and tinny regardless. I like using a bass amp because it has an equalizer built in so you can fiddle with that whenever you want.


2017-05-18 01:28:49

She's on the road (as it were, Kerouac) for over 10 years now, I've already asked her a shit ton of questions, except about how much actual seed money should you have before skipping town. Kinda like a chill Studs Terkel?

Yeah, sure do appreciate knobs n' shit, friend gave me an old Harmon Kardon 2.1 that just kicked ass, but the always-on power supply in the base took a shit while I was vacuuming |: 320 watts, L n R speakers had wires like my pinkie fingers, digital in via 1 RCA cable, sounded clean yo

SerPounce responds:

Coolcoolcool I'll have to ask her for some advice! That's some sweet stuff man, I really need to get a good set of speakers aside from my bass amp, the convenience of having monitors built & intended for playing music of all kinds is really unbeatable.


2017-05-21 12:26:44

I actually sent her link to my 'e-daughter' here at NG, though she doesn't come around much any more... graduating HS very soon, very proud of her. Hopefully I talked her out of becoming a teacher; being a receptionist or a tour guide/concierge would suit her well. Kinda short for the latter, but her exotic looks would keep her employed.

Ah... just watching a 2006 thing on Hunter S called, Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride... a kid in the BBS lives kinda close to where the Kentucky Derby is, forgot all about that piece he wrote w/ Stegman in 1970, not like I was alive when he wrote it lol

SerPounce responds:

Aaa man that's hype stuff, I'm happy for folks whose plans seem to be lining up. What do you think of the American college system in general? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Hunter S. Thompson is a personal hero of mine! I'm thinking of getting a lil gonzo fist tattooed on my ankle to commemorate him. His coverage of the Kentucky Derby is some of the best stuff, he makes journalism much more engaging with his objective, but not all-inclusive, writing style. I love the guy, Kurt Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, & Douglas Adams are my literary heroes for sure.


2017-05-29 14:09:09

Outside of the community colleges, it's a slavery scheme, run by bankers to put liens on people's lives, all because Americans want a degree... it's not like that in other countries, that's why they get a degree there and come here, footloose and debt free... then they hoard cash, send it overseas, and we wonder why our country is going down the tubes. It's because of immoral profit taking, pandering to monopolies... the only thing we export is crap TV and soldiers to police the complicit world :p

Yeah, wish I could say, "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!", but like a lot of people in NJ, I'm at a loss of where to go. When I tell folks I'm leaving they almost get mad at me, "Where you gonna go?!" and sometimes I believe they're right, citing examples of high taxes, no jobs in the hinterlands (other than the oil fields in the Dakotas)... *humming theme to Cheers (filmed before a live studio audience)

SerPounce responds:

Yeah exactly, shit like this makes me want to become the classic musician, touring until I'm 80 & dying having done little else, I feel like I'd be happy. I just have to keep in mind that I'm not stagnant JUST because I didn't go to college, I'm only stagnant when I'm not actively jamming shit out.

I'm in a similar situation, there's a song that captures the idea really perfectly ( ) with the line "there's been talk of leaving, but how, and to where, and what happens when they show up there with friends?" I've been obsessing over a lot of Bomb the Music Industry lately because I feel like I'm in a really similar place in life as Jeff Rosenstock was when he was doing all the Bomb the Music Industry stuff.

How's stuff been goin' mate? It's been a little while, right now my plan is to move to Charleston, South Carolina, but everything's still jumbled. Been working a frankly unethical amount in a thai restaurant, it's given me a work ethic that should last me the rest of my life, lol.


2017-07-02 18:04:53

IDK man, all the easy money is going to weird people who don't spread it around. Either way there's less art shown in the world, and that sucks. Guess it's true the best things in life are free, it's just un indexed lol. Kinda shocked at how few listens there were for BTMI, ah now I remember them from a punk rock affectionado I once knew. Guess all the fashionable money goes to the top of the septic tank.

SC sounds good, NC is rapidly being consumed by NYC metro fugees, all wanting the burgeoning infrastructure to keep pace and have a nice water feature at town hall, and those little rubber mats at every crosswalk, so blind ppl can walk around alone? And signs, signs...

Tough business the foodies have, and the Thai, OMG, labor intensive food, but damn honest grub. Must feel pretty thin after work, does do a good job at clearing the mind, but the cardio. I know my shoes went up a size after HS, even though I was already working the dirt and carrying over it, concrete floors tho.... meh, trying to get better.