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Entry #144

Boifday Bash

2014-02-12 21:43:12 by SerPounce

Saturday's my birthday. Festivities start tomorrow and end on Tuesday. Will update this news post on Tuesday if I survive.





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2014-02-13 05:36:00

Oh, what happy doggie! Try and stay straight enough to type on Saturday... oddly, that's my 13th NG birthday.

Damn man, hope you get a nice variety of... things to survive. I just got some grey widow, still wish I some trainwreck, that shit was 9.5/10

SerPounce responds:

She's hardly happy, she's just yawning. She's the most melancholy animal I've ever seen.

I'll be getting quite the variety, the gifts are already a'flowin in. I may be able to type to a certain extent on Saturday, I'm doubtful regarding tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday though.


2014-02-13 11:34:11

how hard will you beat jester if he doesn't make the thread

SerPounce responds:

I don't care about a thread at all and I doubt Jester cares about NG enough in general to make the thread.

He might be buying me a present doe <333


2014-02-15 12:31:52

Is that a shibe?

SerPounce responds:

That is a shiba inu, ye.


2014-02-17 17:35:33 27 replies, not bad.

SerPounce responds:

many moons ago I could have drawn in pages and pages of spider-man related birthday posts


2014-02-17 18:02:20

I know. Back then you were posting more, and the site itself was a bit more lively. Almost forgot about Spiderman...