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You Turn the Dial, I'll Try and Smile

2013-12-10 16:48:16 by SerPounce

If anyone wants to get in touch with me over the next few days, please do, I could use some conversation about now.



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2013-12-10 17:37:05
Need to find some action... Pulled some money out of the bank, got a few of those new hundreds... wonder why the teller told me to 'be careful' with them? I found 2 that were 'in series', but I think you need a lot of them to be worth anything.. weird that someone would pay more for money, just based on serial numbers; must be somekinda OCD thing.

SerPounce responds:

Yeah no the whole arranging money by serial number thing is weird, I very rarely even notice what my money looks like past the numbers. I could be using Monopoly money for all I know.


2013-12-10 18:43:04

Without serious reform, all our money's gonna be as useful as Monopoly money :| Odd thing is, I've got some money from car accident settlement... so how do I get chicks, without getting slapped in the face, or entrapped for that matter? I'm not going to Nevada.... or trolling local streets. Maybe I should just troll K-Mart or Wal-Mart... nah, they got security :|