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Entry #129

Life is a Placebo Masquerading as a Simile

2013-09-15 00:06:23 by SerPounce

Today I went to a restaurant I was planning on applying at but I asked for change when the change turned out to be 15 cents so now I can never return.


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2013-09-15 04:59:00

What? So, you chickened out? Aw man

SerPounce responds:

there are other places to apply at, yo, also the place in question is apparently really shitty to work at, like nobody holds a job there for longer than a few months.


2013-09-16 02:09:05

Born under a bad sign, I was down, before I began to crawl

20 years have gone by, and I still see the same shitty ass jobs listed, because whoever runs the business, sucks.

SerPounce responds:

Yeah, exactly.


2013-09-16 17:05:36

May you endeavor to persevere

SerPounce responds:

Endeavor? I hardly knew 'er.