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Lie Still, Little Bottle.

2013-09-09 18:27:57 by SerPounce

I'm going to apply at like 3 places and if that doesn't result in a job I'll die cold and penniless.

Lie Still, Little Bottle.


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2013-09-09 19:00:51


SerPounce responds:

Peter Parkat


2013-09-09 20:37:29

You shall be missed

SerPounce responds:

Glad to hear it


2013-09-10 02:18:28

Have you tried coloring the mask red in this piece?

Good luck man, keep eye contact constant during the interview, don't volunteer up too much info (or speak out of turn).

SerPounce responds:

I'mma rock that professional game, even though I'm just applying for a minimum wage position at some restaurants.


2013-09-11 01:23:19


SerPounce responds:

I'm a fan.


2013-09-11 01:44:07

Damn my eyes!

By 16, I had done both my parents jobs: all manner of dirt work (pipes foundations ditches dug), and cleaning work (windows chairs desks floors and some paint). Cleaning old peoples homes pay the best, if you're detailed and don't mind BSing while you work (if at all). Without specifics from you, I only suggest being honest, direct, willing to serve and shoulder the burden.

Ask for whoever's in charge or pays the employees, say, I really need some steady work, even if it's for an hour a day (if it's local) - offer to: run trash off to the dumpster at the end of the night, get lunch, whatever |: Get 2 or 3 of those kinda 'off the book' things going, and you'll be alright.

The biggest loss our country's had, is the hoarding of opportunity and money. No American was ever looked badly upon for doing shit work, or asking for food. It was an honor to help a fellow citizen get a chance, or just to get down the road... provided they weren't right-out bums, and even here on NG, we get trolled for our good deeds (like that Kickstarter doucmentarian fuck-nut).

SerPounce responds:

I'm not at any bad disposition, I just want extra money so that I can actually buy things and enjoy my youth while it's still around, but yeah, I considered a few of the under-the-table ordeals. I think I just want to get a job to some degree, I have a lot of free time now and nothing to really fill that free time.


2013-09-11 16:54:19

Then yeah, lurk the block looking for work, and, although gutter trolling is generally looked down upon, I've found more winning scratch offs lying on the pavement, then I've ever bought.