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Entry #111

Rapper's Delight - the Sugarhill Gang's Undisputed Masterpiece

2013-05-27 12:02:17 by SerPounce


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2013-05-27 17:33:08

Damn, I was 8 when that hit the radio! They were certainly ahead of their time! We tried freestyling in the mid 80's, no doubt on the heels of these homies from Englewood, Noe Joisey :) g

SerPounce responds:

They have nice art. edia/en/f/fa/Rappersdelight.jpeg


2013-05-27 22:31:01

That is pretty! Chysalis, the indie record co. that did Jethro Tull and others, also had some sweet graphics on the label - you still listen to vinyl? It's a shame none of the stuff I ripped from records to mp3's in the late 90's, survived the FBI server purges/confiscations of the day :\

SerPounce responds:

I've been meaning to get a nice record player for a while, there's no real reason in having a cheap record player because then the records just pop a lot.


2013-05-29 09:59:57

This is where it all began.

SerPounce responds:

Beginning of generations of slurring words in order to rhyme.


2013-06-01 14:15:50

Das straight up dope, homslice.