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He Who Controls the Cats Controls the Universe

2013-01-07 02:51:44 by SerPounce

And God or Bog in his heaven help the rest of us.

He Who Controls the Cats Controls the Universe


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2013-01-07 03:24:44

Cats are the worlds' second most evil animals,rabbits being the the most evil ones.

SerPounce responds:

u want 2 say tht 2 my face m8 fite me irl


2013-01-07 11:54:59

He's right. Cats are assholes.

SerPounce responds:

That's what makes them so influential.


2013-01-07 12:12:17

What happens if Cthulhu gets ahold of the cat?

SerPounce responds:

Ragnarok be come.


2013-01-08 03:00:28

If a cat hissed at me like that, I'd stab it. >:C

SerPounce responds:

I thought you had an imaginary one do just that, and if I recall, you didn't even grab its cock.


2013-01-08 06:04:55

That is one pissed off kitty right there.
It's eyes are so angry looking... & those teeth... eeek!

(Updated ) SerPounce responds:

It is actually five smaller cats that locked together to form a sort of Voltron-Cat.


2013-01-08 23:34:07

Come to think of it, the cat in my half-dreaming state of mind actually looked alot like that. O_o

SerPounce responds:

His name is the Reclaimer, he's been terrorizing autistic faggots for many years, and I'm the only one who can stop him, and free you autistic idiots.


2013-01-09 15:20:43


SerPounce responds: