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I'm not psychotic.

2012-11-02 16:42:37 by SerPounce

Alright guys, I wasn't on NG yesterday or early today because I got to spend the night in a psych ward. I'll tell you the whole story.

So, I was making some very NG-esque jokes and quoting American Psycho at school, making it very obvious that I was joking and that I was quoting a movie, and apparently that put some kids off, because they told their parents. Who called the principal. Who called the cops. Who semi-arrested me during me eating dinner. Basically I got sent to a psych ward due to these jokes and ended up spending the night there, because I got there at 10PM.

In the morning, I got to stick around with the other kids there, and they were all pretty cool. Eventually at some point in the evening I got to get my psych analysed, which was when the psychiatrist figured out that I was normal-ish. She asked me very oddly specific questions, such as about James Holmes' shooting up the DKR screening and what I thought about it. At the end of the test she decided to let me out that day, which was today, by the way, I just got back. So my dad picked me up and here I am, tested and not psychotic, according to the test results.

Also, the reason I couldn't leave is due to the Baker Act, which basically means that the hospital was my prison until a doctor decided I was fit to leave.


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2012-11-02 16:59:23

Yeesh. Those kids are some nervous little pricks. Unless they had some sort of grudge against you?

SerPounce responds:

I suspect they're just nervous fucks, because I have done nothing to even insult them.


2012-11-02 17:06:00

Dude, this happens to a lot of people. Get labeled crazy and unless it's cool with medical professionals you can't leave. I'm sure they would of had me on an extended stay back in the day if people I knew really saw my stuff + what I was writing at the time. But at least they didn't falsely label you. But for being sent there, I would go nuts.

SerPounce responds:

It was really irritating, and to be honest I didn't enjoy being treated like a prisoner. The cop went through my phone and read the texts that I sent, but didn't read the context to them, and ignored both me and my dad when we told him that if "lol" was in the fucking message it was probably a joke. Tools will be tools.


2012-11-02 17:42:42

Don't you just hate it when a few assholes tattle on you to their parents and send you to the nut house?

SerPounce responds:

that is basically what happened. Fuck.


2012-11-02 18:11:24

Thats great.

(Updated ) SerPounce responds:

Skaren walk into school errybody be skared, but yeah people fear me for no reason.


2012-11-02 19:09:28

Did you say hi to nurse Ratchet while you were there?

SerPounce responds:

"dat bitch got ratchet yo" -Jester


2012-11-02 21:24:56

Follow me and get free cookies/nude pics!

Also on topic, I'm honestly shocked I haven't been thrown into a nuthouse yet by someone. You only need to talk to me for 4 minutes before you realize I'm mildly insane.

SerPounce responds:

Well I passed the psychiatric examination so there's that, I'm returning to school on Monday.


2012-11-02 21:28:04

People these days are fucking paranoid and stupid. Actually, they've always been. Hm. You get the point.

SerPounce responds:

Yeah, don't say anything mildly not normal at all. Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell and all that.


2012-11-02 22:20:35

too bad you didnt stay there

SerPounce responds:

You're like a less funny, less edgy, all around stupider Rummy0.


2012-11-02 22:24:42

The teachers at my school commend me for my odd thoughts, they say i am a brilliant thinker.

SerPounce responds:

For some reason I doubt we had the same thoughts but okay that's cool.


2012-11-02 23:42:04

My school is crazy.

SerPounce responds:

My school thinks I'm crazy.


2012-11-03 00:16:54

umad xxxdddddddd

SerPounce responds:

not really.


2012-11-03 00:19:44

Disorderly conduct is bullshit.

SerPounce responds:

It's too strictly enforced.


2012-11-03 00:27:47

Was it WASP kids that sold you out? It was probably WASP kids that sold you out. Seriously, why are white people like the worst race ever?

SerPounce responds:

Yeah actually, I'm pretty sure every kid that told their parents were WASP. I have more issues with white people than I've ever had with black or hispanic people. I've never even really met an Asian though.


2012-11-03 00:41:00

the fuck

how are you not extremely angry about this? what bullshit

there was an NG user who posted death metal lyrics on his facebook and the police started stalking him

they probably have files on you now and are watching everything you do on the internet lol

SerPounce responds:

Well if they are I may have to look into using TOR as a form of communication.


2012-11-03 02:22:50

you shoulda been locked away for good
the things you done
i be swearing

SerPounce responds:

u luv me mang.


2012-11-03 04:10:12

Shit's fucked up, and violates your constitutional rights.

SerPounce responds:

Haven't you heard? In America, all of the rights are basically taken away by new laws.


2012-11-03 06:12:35

If you quote American psycho, and others around you don't know you're quoting something from a movie, they won't understand you and conclude you're crazy. It's simple science, Jesse.

SerPounce responds:

Mista White yo I made it clear I was quoting a movie yo.


2012-11-03 06:19:08

I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck.

I'd also like to note that i was playing a smooth melody of blue bossa while reading your story.


SerPounce responds:



2012-11-03 12:52:02

Just out of curiosity what part were you quoting?

SerPounce responds:

"Did you know I'm utterly insane" and things like that, nothing too bad from the movie.


2012-11-03 12:53:27

I have a friend who got Baker Acted because he threw a fit at his job when he got fired. He ripped a raw chicken in half, crazy motherfucker!

SerPounce responds:



2012-11-03 14:43:17

fucking paranoid kids

SerPounce responds:

Seriously, some people need a grip on life.


2012-11-03 18:50:20

I've been there bro, but for suicide watch because apparently poetry means you want to die.

SerPounce responds:

"don't express yourself or you're insane"


2012-11-03 19:33:55

You are very lucky they didn't keep you in.
BTW why am I the only one finding strange the fact you made some psychotic kids friends of yours?

SerPounce responds:

I didn't, the kids in the psych ward weren't psychopathic, the majority of them were just emo kids who cut themselves.


2012-11-03 20:01:45 would that make ANYONE think someone's psychotic? o.O

SerPounce responds:

People are fucking stupid and overprotective.


2012-11-03 21:31:19

Some people have no sense of humor.

SerPounce responds:

Some people have no sense.


2012-11-04 00:37:48

any qt troubled girls

SerPounce responds:

Man I don't even know who I disturbed in particular but probably, the cop said there were 8 people who called about me, then later he said over a dozen people, but I feel like he was lying at that point.


2012-11-05 12:00:44


SerPounce responds:

Why did you capitalize the end of a word you crazy niggeR?


2012-11-05 15:22:58

Is your mom hot?

SerPounce responds:

why would you care about that? Do you have a straight friend?


2012-11-05 18:07:44

Have you thought sexually about your own mom?

SerPounce responds:



2012-11-06 09:15:08


SerPounce responds:

u on


2012-11-06 16:45:05

Sdrawkcab daer nac uoy fi reggin dnas a eb tsum uoy.

SerPounce responds:

pu tsopswen siht wolb t'nod esaelp


2012-11-07 03:24:42

you didn't answer homicidialfrog's question this distresses me

SerPounce responds:

The answer is no.


2012-11-07 06:35:01

Why haven't I seen Stuart Little in any movies except for Stuart Little? He had such a promising acting career D:

SerPounce responds:

The Matrix has him now.


2012-11-08 02:29:01

if you were still in new york how fucked would you be? (hurricane sandy)

SerPounce responds:

Actually my old house didn't get hit too bad, it took in a little bit of water because one wall warped a bit, but it was pretty easy to fix, yo.


2012-11-09 17:47:17

Fuck, I remember Stuart Little. :'(

rip stuart

SerPounce responds:

rip stuart little


2012-11-09 17:47:44

Also, Jester, there was a sequel.

SerPounce responds:

a shitty sequel.


2012-11-11 01:09:54

Rape will solve all the world's problems.

SerPounce responds:

every one.