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Banned for 3 Days

2012-10-03 16:54:44 by SerPounce

With reason too, I might add, I went on a rampage throughout the forums, with the help of a few people. My most innocent post was what I got banned for though, in the least used fucking forum ever. Guh fuck.


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2012-10-03 17:08:36

Happy 69th post you big bad meanie.
Don't let this event hold you back, sport.
Even though the mods banned you, they pray and thank god every night because of your existence on this forum, for their lives as moderators depend on your shenanigans.

So for what post did you get banned?

SerPounce responds:

I made a thread in "Where is/How to" that was entitled "where is my dick" and the body was just "seriously guys I'm scared it like retracted into my body."


2012-10-03 17:23:47
Entertain yourself with this meme that MGMT started.

SerPounce responds:



2012-10-03 17:34:32

Fuck it- it had to happen sooner or later (you buggin out).

SerPounce responds:

I've been bugging the fuck out.


2012-10-03 18:13:56

Skaren when will you learn

SerPounce responds:

I'm the lovable scamp that keeps on giving, I refuse to learn.


2012-10-03 19:32:41

You have guts.

SerPounce responds:

I have pain and hatred.


2012-10-03 19:42:22

Did you find your dick?

SerPounce responds:

No but I put an APB out on it so it shouldn't be long now.


2012-10-03 21:06:40

My dick got banned for 3 days. With reason too, I might add, I went on a rampage throughout her body, with the help of a few people. My most innocent victim is what I got banned for, in the least used fucking orifice ever.

SerPounce responds:

I have a thing for ears.


2012-10-04 03:05:39

I was wondering when that was gonna happen.

Who B& you?

SerPounce responds:

I believe it was an admin because Luis, Tom, and liljim were online when I got banned, and there was an account deletion warning with no mod's name on it.


2012-10-04 04:03:06

Is your dick 5 3/4 inches, black, and uncircumcised? I saw one trying to cross the border earlier. Why would it be on the run, though?

SerPounce responds:

No, that's Milo's penis. It's on the run because my penis probably stabbed some guy and framed it, because it's black.


2012-10-04 08:39:18

Don't say I didn't warn you, bro

SerPounce responds:

You didn't, really, you just said "stop being an asshole."


2012-10-04 09:39:00

You deserved it. You deserve every single minute of that ban

SerPounce responds:

You weren't even online when the shitstorm went down, so shush.


2012-10-04 10:42:04

thats wat u get biyuch n***a!!!!!!

SerPounce responds:

If that nigga was uncensored I may take offense.


2012-10-04 19:47:16

lol you dumb cunt

SerPounce responds:

cunt you dumb lol


2012-10-04 20:50:08

brb, reading your post history.

SerPounce responds:



2012-10-04 21:45:11

What did you do?

SerPounce responds:

I basically doused the forums with gasoline and lit a match.


2012-10-04 23:19:16

Hey man, not cool. BAKEdLays andI were bros!

( he only lives like 15 minutes from me).

SerPounce responds:

Well tell him not to cut names of people from the internet into his arms.


2012-10-05 08:36:00

That's a fair warning.

SerPounce responds:

Stop being a faggot, you've been warned.


2012-10-05 12:45:54

Is that Jesse Pinkman

SerPounce responds:



2012-10-05 18:03:40

Me and you are going to be friends now.

SerPounce responds:

Oh boy oh gee I love making friends.


2012-10-05 18:55:29

I'm almost certain that was fake. Either way, it was......weird.

SerPounce responds:

I'm almost certain that was real, if it was fake he would have told us it was fake instead of deleting his fucking account.


2012-10-06 01:50:06

So that's what happened to him.

Also, you were Adam Flecko?

SerPounce responds:



2012-10-06 12:36:11

We're really great friends though, right?