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New School

2012-09-21 21:25:32 by SerPounce

Alright so I'm in a new school now, it's aight, Spanish is ridiculously more advanced than at my last school so I'm dropping it for weight training, since that's the only other thing I can take that period. However, I am in a computer class that is about nothing but Microsoft Office, so I'm going to just laugh my way through that and get a 100%.

Looks like it's shaping up to be an aight school year.

New School


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2012-09-21 21:35:44

Sounds aight.

SerPounce responds:

Looks like it's aight.


2012-09-22 07:40:28

Happy Madness Day.

SerPounce responds:

Madness shouldn't be as popular as it is but thanks.


2012-09-22 14:12:11

I had a computer class with Microsoft word Office too.Yeah this is going to be fun I guess.
Also you can beat up other kids for their lunch money after you pump up those muscles,right?

SerPounce responds:

I'mma beat the shit out of niggers.


2012-09-22 17:41:37

sounds legit.

SerPounce responds:



2012-09-22 22:57:24

"Hey baby, you ever ride a man cowgirl style in zero G?"

SerPounce responds:

"While he was holding a FIREAXE?"


2012-09-23 19:59:13

I don't want to laugh but it's too funny.

SerPounce responds:

Much like your mother and moaning, but with pleasure alright that's too wordy and I killed the joke.


2012-09-25 07:35:17

I didn't even know there were fires in space.

SerPounce responds:

The Earth is in space and there are fires on Earth, durr.


2012-09-25 18:33:35

Whenever I give a greeting,you answer "Well its dead" "Well its been dead since 2006" and all that shiz.

SerPounce responds:

I refuse.


2012-09-25 22:55:47

I like the part where you guys pretended to be straight.

SerPounce responds:

When did we do that?


2012-09-26 20:50:03

Would the Sun and other stars count as fires in space?

SerPounce responds:

Depending on if they overstepped their set celestial bounds then they could be considered either a mundane celestial object or a celestial threat. In which case we break out the death star and blow that shit up.


2012-09-26 23:24:42

Ah. I imagined you would just whip out a massive fire hose and drown that bitch out. But a Death Star could work too.

SerPounce responds:

It's a Death Star that shoots water, it's pretty gay.