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Entry #164

The Girl is Crafty Like Ice is Cold

2014-07-27 13:15:25 by SerPounce

Would you suck Mike D's dick?

Like, for real doe.


for real doe.


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2014-07-27 19:15:52

So how did the great weekend pussy hunt go? I didn't see shit, myself :\

SerPounce responds:

lol @ "great weekend pussy hunt"

it didn't happen yet unfortunately, I'll keep you updated whenever there's a development.


2014-07-29 01:02:48

Thought I had the picture... something from the skunkworks who brought us Ren and Stimpy, the adult division. Probably come up on a Y! picture search. Right before the full moon, especially in the late summer months... women are more amenable to sex |:

SerPounce responds:

You're certainly one of the more entertaining and conversationalist people on this site, rejoice.


2014-07-29 05:41:20

Yup I'm a chum bucket of wisdom, feeding all the little baby sharks. It's a nice job, but a lot of chum is still chum |:

SerPounce responds:

Wisdom's a bit more applicable to daily life and mental health than chum is, but not really in a cosmic sense.


2014-07-31 03:35:28

Wisdom's what MacGuyver's got. If you can fix anything with a ball point pen and a Brillo pad, well, now were talking applicability :|

As far as brains, (metal health) I guess I take my cleaning bit a bit too far... clear out cobwebs, snake a few drains, toss the rotten stuff from the fridge... nosy, basically |:

SerPounce responds:

Everyone has to be obsessive in some way or another, cleanliness is an achievable urge, and it's certainly not an inherently unhealthy one. I suppose you could consider yourself nosy if you take to cleaning other people's stuff, but it's definitely a well-intentioned action, so I wouldn't consider it something to fret over.

I think I've recently noticed that I'm very socially obsessive in that I'm constantly analyzing everyone I interact with and every word they say, to the point where I don't think I can sleep properly anymore because I'm analyzing things that were said to me at any given point in time throughout my life and my brain is too actively focused on it to relent, it's to the point where I've reset and undone my sleep schedule three times this week, it's no proper way to live. :\


2014-07-31 04:00:34

Sounds like a self imposed PTSD. I did the same, and concluded some interesting things, that helped me gauge people, down the line (of my life). That knowledge did a Masonic handshake with my Asperger's, and made it a potent weapon, unconsciously working my mouth, when my brain wants to go another way... asking questions that define people at a moments notice O_O

But the repetitive and deliberate numberings of things is not healthy, that also started to fuck with me, took a month or two to shake it, another 6 to put it 90% behind me.

You are not a number, you are a free man!

(Updated ) SerPounce responds:

If I show symptoms of PTSD, it's probably the result of a pretty horrible childhood and/or the fact that I'm a cancer survivor, as PTSD can result from cancer, and it's even more likely when it occurs at a young age (I was diagnosed with cancer at age 6), so I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out one day that I legitimately have PTSD. You did describe it fairly perfectly, I can't help but consider my obsessiveness a sort of social weapon, I'm frequently told that I'm very natural in public settings and at interacting with strangers, which is entirely due to my aforementioned condition and reflects very little of how I'm actually feeling in terms of comfort. It's to the point where I've actually attained a fitting ego as a result of it, and I'd have to say that this mindset has been a part of my personality long enough that it's an inherent part of my identity, so I guess I'm Holmes-ing it up 'till the day I die.

I suppose I've been trying to set myself up with a sort of monotony by intentionally trying to be repetitive and go to sleep at regular times, which I've pretty much never done my entire life (also partially due to cancer at a young age, what with treatments constantly waking me up in the middle of the night, I never really rebounded), so I guess this is just my brain's internal clock doing what it does best and keeping me truckin' hours past the point where I want to fall asleep.



2014-07-31 04:36:32

Chicken pox almost killed me at age 6, came away with some nasty scars. After I heard the debate over hospitalization costs vs burial costs.... Then I almost drowned (wanna say) 12, caught in a rip current, took me 1/2 mile out to sea, had to paddle parallel to the coast for a few hours before I could swim in, about a quarter mile down the beach.

Keeping hours is good, it makes time more tangible, accountable. I'm glad I poop in the morning like clockwork... other than that, fuck it, let chaos reign

SerPounce responds:

Childhood near-death experiences build character faster than anything else, probably.

I've gotten really poor at keeping any kind of schedule, but the summer months always do that to me, especially because I don't have a car so if I go to hang out with anyone I'm at the mercy of whoever is most willing to drive me home, which usually isn't for a long time because my friends are cunts.


2014-07-31 20:59:21

I do wonder about that...

Sorta in the same boat now that my sis is here (she's paying the truck's insurance), but she's leaving soon, and so is my friend from Washington state. He's going to the Grand Canyon for two weeks, and rented large houses for each of those weeks... it's such short notice, but I can fly out for 600$ roundtrip (if the airlines will let me) and not rent a car, or the week of the 10th, I'd have to... or I could just stay home, get baked and buy a PC capable of playing 21st century video games. Why does that seem like a tough choice?

SerPounce responds:

Awesome stuff, on one hand, the Grand Canyon is a huge natural wonder, on the other hand, modern video games are huge (in a different sense) man-made wonders. I'd personally go with the latter option just because a $600 PC will last you a lot longer than a 2-week trip to the Grand Canyon, and it would also be a lot less trouble.

I hear the Grand Canyon's scale is impossible to perceive without actually witnessing it though, so I've always had a bit of a curiosity as to what it's actually like, but I don't think I'd spend $600 to satisfy that curiosity.