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Entry #148

I Will Take Your Teeth

2014-02-19 05:26:51 by SerPounce

But I'll hold out for a while, if you please.


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2014-02-26 12:41:08

Hey, you see the new Last of Us game yet?

SerPounce responds:

I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet but I've read the comic one-shot and I've heard that's essentially what the plot is based off of so I'm not particularly overly-excited to play it, especially since there has been very little word on the production of a Last of Us PS4 port, so I'm not giving it too much thought. Bought Thief though, I've been enjoying it moderately so far.


2014-02-27 01:18:22

Ever play Killzone? I loved the first one, but the second one was kinda shitty :p

SerPounce responds:

I've only played two Killzone games, one being the top-down shooter for PSP, which hardly counts as a Killzone game (although it is a pretty nifty PSP game), and the other being Killzone Shadow Fall, which I've grown bored of pretty quickly but still enjoy multiplayer enough to open it up every few days or so.


2014-02-27 05:40:35

Shadow Fall is the new one out, yeah? Boring!? Damn, looked pretty sweet, gorgeous even. I'm almost considering getting a copy of the original KZ for my old PS2 (which needs to be brought out of mothballs) Oh man, keep me away from online MP, I'll never get laid!

(Updated ) SerPounce responds:

Shadow Fall looks nice, it certainly is a very well-designed game, the art is definitely very appealing, the skyboxes look nice, and the character models are fairly fleshed out (most of the time), however, all of this is undone by the fact that you spend a good percentage of the game pressed up against a chest-high wall because it's a cover-based FPS, so boy do you get to enjoy them wall textures a bunch, and not much else.

Admittedly the gameplay is entirely up to you in how you choose to play it, but if you're playing on hard mode, run & gun isn't even a possibility to consider. There is a neat new feature where you can use a robot called an OWL by swiping on the touchpad on the PS4 controller and then pressing R1, but it's not very well-integrated and it's not particularly helpful outside of blasting enemies' shields away.

Multiplayer gets old after a bit for me, the Warzone structure of playing feels like it drags on for some reason. Before you accuse me of having a short attention span, I love Battlefield, I've been spending most of my time on PS4 playing Battlefield (and the indie games that have been released for the console), and the Battlefield matches last much longer than the typical Killzone match, so maybe Killzone's multiplayer just feels a bit empty to me. The team sizes are fairly small relative to the average map size and it's very much "whoever sees the other person first wins" combat, in that all of the weapons are very overpowered.

Honestly, if you were planning on buying Killzone for any reason aside from interest in the series, I'd tell you to backlog it and buy Battlefield 4 instead, it's a far superior game in my opinion, but you may find Killzone's general mood and atmosphere more appealing, as it's not technically a modern military shooter, it just feels like one despite the sci-fi setting.

/full-length review


2014-02-28 03:28:45

/full-length review, damn straight! And thanks, that fleshes things out quite nicely!

Looks like I'm gonna wait till March before buying PC parts... Consoles are attractive, but I like the idea of being in control of the settings, mods and whatnot.

SerPounce responds:

If you want a full-length review on a game that I've played, all you have to do is ask, fella, I can belt them out.

Yeah, I've been considering building a new PC, but I don't really have the money for it and I need to save up for college shite anyhow. :(