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Entry #116

Half-Life 3

2013-06-24 23:16:26 by SerPounce

Xbox 360 is followed by Xbox One, the first digit of 360 is "3," Half-Life 3 is announced, and it's an Xbox One Exclusive.

Half-Life 3


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2013-06-25 04:04:29

Imagine how pissed I was when I bought Half-Life 2 (and later Lost Planet), only to find out I needed an internet connection, just to play one-player >:(
Good, they keep fucking up, it drives more business to the indie developers and PC users.

SerPounce responds:

I'm considering not even buying another console and just buying a nice computer.


2013-06-25 18:14:32

It's a sad thing when corporations take themselves too seriously, and over kid's toys no less |:
Yep, a half decent e-machine should easily trounce an xbox 360/ps3 and still be able to run games for another year or two, before you need to get a video card to replace the cheap one on the MB.

SerPounce responds:

I'll probably just get myself the parts and assemble a computer myself. Pirating an OS and all the basic programs is easy enough. I am somewhat lost when it comes to video cards though, I understand every other piece of machinery, but when it comes to finding a video card I'll probably just get the highest reviewed, newest one.


2013-06-25 19:38:31

Why are people so crazy about HL 3 again?

SerPounce responds:

Because they like pretending that the first two games were good.


2013-06-25 21:35:33

Ah, but the first one was good... for all the luscious mods/levels that were about for it! I used to get the PC Gamer magazine in the mail, with the CD (later, DVD's) chock full of patches, mods, demos and multitudes. One was almost as good as Fallout 3, as far as attention to detail and mood.

SerPounce responds:

I never got around to playing the first one, but I remember being very disappointed in the second. Everyone claimed that it had a great story, but I couldn't even get past the first episode because of how bland it was.


2013-06-25 21:36:59

* mulit... utilities
Got dirt in my eyes, so my contacts are bathing :|

SerPounce responds:

I refuse to wear contacts because I like how my glasses look too much.


2013-06-26 10:36:07

:P Mine look like a cross between the ones in the GTA art photo /\, and the ones Stephen King wore in the 1980's - it'd cost me about 300$ for a new pair.

(Updated ) SerPounce responds:

I don't know how to describe mine really, they're very small, like borderline reading glasses, despite the fact that I wear them all the time, the frame doesn't go under the lenses, just over them, and the frame is black and purple.